About Shue Yan

Shue Yan was founded in 1971 by Dr. Henry H.L. Hu and Dr. Chung Chi Yung in response to their serious concern over the acute shortage of tertiary places for local secondary school leavers aspiring for university education. Shue Yan's four year degree programmes offer students a well-rounded educational experience that produces graduates who are:

1) Articulate, open-minded critical thinkers with a passion for lifelong learning and self-improvement;
2) Committed to appropriate ethical behaviour, based on a strong sense of social responsibility;
3) Well prepared to apply their specialist knowledge, skills and creativity in their chosen field of employment; and
4) Ready to apply their global outlook and understanding of Chinese cultural values to support the harmonious development of Hong Kong and China in the 21st century.

Since 2001, we have launched the following honour degree programmes:

1. Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Accounting (2001)
2. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism & Mass Communication (2001)
3. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese Language & Literature (2001)
4. Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) (2002)
5. Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (2003)
6. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Counselling & Psychology (2004)
7. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Economics and Finance (2007)
(Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Economics(2004-2007))
8. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History (2005)
9. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Sociology (2005)
10. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English (2005)
11. Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in Law and Business (2007)
12. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) in Psychology (2007)


The Benefits of Studying at HKSYU    

The First Private University in HK
HKSYU offers twelve degree programmes.

4-Year Degree Programmes
HKSYU is the only education institution in Hong Kong that has insisted on offering 4-year higher education programmes for more than 30 years. All students admitted to Year 1 in 2012, irrespective of whether they have taken HKDSE or HKAL courses at secondary school, will study the same curriculum at HKSYU.

Student First
At HKSYU, we are committed to excellence in teaching.The aim of our enthusiastic and well-qualified teaching staff is to ensure that you achieve your learning goals. To this end we promote a mutually supportive, interactive learning environment in and out of the classroom.

Promote Chinese Culture
The Chinese meaning of Shue Yan is the cultivation of virtue. Emphasis is laid on the preservation and propagation of traditional Chinese culture and the educational ideals of Confucianism. This makes Shue Yan a very valuable additional to the educational matrix of Hong Kong.

Whole Person Education
HKSYU promotes academic freedom and seeks to contribute to the betterment of society through the pursuit of truth, knowledge, wisdom and a deeper understanding of humanity.