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    Recent financial crises revealed some of the shortcomings of business management nowadays. More than ever before, the world (especially the fast growing China) demands prudent managers and business leaders who can lead the business world to a sustainable and socially beneficial state. One of the best ways to alleviate this problem is through business education. We strive to develop a Department of Business Administration with its own niches to face the challenges in the business world today. There are three peculiar features of the Department which makes it idiosyncratic:

    (i) The Enterprise and Social Development Research Centre,
    (ii) The SRS Consortium for Advanced Study in Dynamic Cooperative Games,
    (iii) A business curriculum with strong business ethics, wide-ranging social concerns and prominent Chinese moral culture.

    Enterprise and Social Development Research Centre (more...)

    As one of the major research centres in the University, the Centre aims to promote applied research activities related to business management, economics and social development.

    SRS Consortium for Advanced Study in Dynamic Cooperative Games (more...)

    The Consortium is a joint research initiative for advanced study in dynamic cooperation of the Center of Game Theory of St Petersburg State University, Karelia Institute of Applied Mathematics Research of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Business Administration of Shue Yan University. World leading research for conflict resolution and their applications to business practices are performed and explored by the Consortium.

    Business Curriculum with Strong Emphasis on Ethics

    The Shue Yan Business curriculum places strong emphasis on business ethics. Throughout the 4 years of study business ethics courses are required. Moreover, study in Chinese and Chinese morals is an integral part of the curriculum in Shue Yan.
          The distinctive characteristics of Shue Yan Business Administration programme is the synthesis of socially oriented business development, advanced business optimization techniques, ethics and Chinese moral values.
          The Department is the largest department in the University. There are 5 areas of concentration in the Business Administration Programme -- Financial Services & Planning, Marketing, HR Management, China Business Studies and Corporate Governance -- from which students can choose.
          The ultimate goal of the Department is to provide Hong Kong, China and possibly the world with bona fide business professionals whose impacts could bring about a better business world. Last but not least, the Department (staff and student together) will set sight on nurturing a Shue Yan Business Management Philosophy with the traits of benevolence, integrity and discernment.


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