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The MSc in Marketing and Consumer Psychology is a programme that prepares young professionals from different backgrounds and industries for careers in marketing of products and services for businesses as well as non-profit-organizations.

This is a pioneering programme that not only covers traditional areas in marketing, but also psychological knowledge, and practical skills that are required for career success. The programme is designed to provide with an employment-focused curriculum to give its graduate a career advantage in consumer marketing.

Why choose the MSc in Marketing and Consumer Psychology?

  • Pioneering programme that combines marketing and consumer psychology to give graduates a career advantage.
  • Provides a gateway to careers in business organizations, non-profit companies, market research companies, advertising agencies and a wide range of other employers who need well-trained professionals in both market research and consumer psychology.
  • Practical approach to learning that includes real-world projects enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills to enhance their value in the job market. Curriculum is designed in conjunction with industry professionals and based on the needs of employers.
  • Professional and business development that helps students’ learning and interaction, professional seminars are held regularly by inviting esteemed scholars and business practitioners to enrich our students with new ideas and perspectives.
  • Flexibility means that our intensive learning delivery allows flexibility to study around work commitments and the degree can be completed in two years.
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