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About the Department

The Department is currently the only department providing undergraduate training in counselling in Hong Kong, with an annual undergraduate intake of 130. It also offers Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology for graduates to pursue further studies. The undergraduate programme, which has a solid foundation in Psychology, provides students not only with theoretical knowledge in Counselling and Psychology, but also seeks to equip them with practical skills and experience, so that upon graduation, they are prepared to embark upon careers in Counselling, Psychology or related fields, or if they so aspire, to continue their education in Counselling, Psychology or related fields. The Department has computer-based psychological laboratories, and networked systems of PCs have been set up for computer-assisted learning. There are also good workshop facilities for counselling training and practice.

Postgraduate diploma in psychology

The Programme is equally suitable for graduate members of the workforce who are interested in upgrading their abilities and credentials for the purpose of enhancing job performance.

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