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The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Programme is hosted by the Department of English Language and Literature. This Programme is designed in response to the network culture of the 21st century where interconnectedness becomes a new model for education, particularly in higher education systems. There are now many cross-disciplinary academic programmes in universities all over the world which endeavor to develop their study-areas right at the interface between existing modes of knowledge ‘owned’ by separate departments. The design of all the courses in the Programme has adopted an interdisciplinary approach which aims to create interdisciplinary knowledge between science and humanities, science and philosophy, language and literature, literature and visual arts, ecology and humanities, etc.

In this Programme, all courses will be taught in English.  Cultural and literary texts will encompass global and regional texts, in which interdisciplinary issues will help students broaden their horizons towards a new model of knowledge-making in the 21st century and beyond.

Programme Objectivesback

  1. To enhance students’ creativity and their potential to take on new managerial and cultural challenges upon graduation by enabling them to expand their conceptual framework and develop a world-view of interdisciplinarity. 
  2. To equip graduates to respond positively and creatively to new and substantially different points of view.
To prepare students for the pursuit of further studies.  The proposed M.A. Programme provides firm grounding for those who wish to advance to M.Phil or Ph.D programmes both overseas and locally which emphasize an interdisciplinary approach.  It should be noted that there are an increasing number of academic programmes of this kind in fields such as cultural management, education and creative media all over the world.

Who Should Enroll in this Programmeback

The M.A. in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies has an edge in training our graduates, among many other possible and related career paths, to be capable teachers of liberal studies particularly in EMI schools. Our uniqueness in providing a rich repertoire of “knowledge at the edges” is congenial to the very spirit of liberal studies. The Programme also aims to benefit students who are already employees in, or aspired towards developing a career in areas of, the cultural industries such as museum curators, higher-education institution administrators, publishing, editors, arts centre managers, arts gallery managers.

Admission Requirementback

  1. Applicants should have graduated from a recognized university and obtained a Bachelor’s degree, normally with honours not lower than Second Class; or
  2. Applicants should have completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications equivalent to an honours degree; and
  3. All applicants should submit IELTS (academic) results for assessment (normally not lower than 6.5). Exemptions from this requirement may be granted to local and overseas university graduates with a degree in English from a recognized university.

Admission Proceduresback

  1. Applicants should submit a written statement explaining the purpose of their application, and their motivation; and
  2. Applicants may be required to attend an interview as part of the admission process; and

Past academic record, work experience, references and language abilities will be considered in the admission decision.

Online Application Pencil

Downloadable Application Form Pencil


Graduation Requirementsback

  • A student will be evaluated for graduation at the conclusion of the semester in which he/she may satisfy all the conditions for award.
  • The M.A. in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies is awarded upon obtaining a total of 24 credits derived from 3 core courses and 5 elective courses.
  • In order to graduate a student must have:
    • obtained a least a Grade C+ in all courses in the programme; and
    • completed all coursework requirements; and
    • presented a written project/dissertation as required by the programme; and
    • obtained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  • A student’s eligibility for graduation is subject to Academic Board approval.

Duration of Studyback

Full-time mode: One Year (2 semesters)
Part-time mode: Two Years (4 semesters)
All courses are to be offered in weekday evenings (6:45 -9:30 pm) or weekend day-time.
Most of the evening classes will be held on our Wan Chai campus.

Tuition Feeback

Full-time mode: HK$76,800 (HK$38,400 per semester)
Part-time mode: HK$76,800 (HK$19,200 per semester)

Study Schemeback


ENG 501 Contemporary Critical Thought

ENG 502 Interdisciplinary Approach to Cultural Studies

ENG 503 Seminar in Cultural Theories and Practice
ENG 513 M.A. Dissertation



ENG 504 Research Methodology for Liberal Studies

ENG 505 City, Space and Culture

ENG 506 Fabrication of Identity

ENG 507 Modern China Through Films

ENG 508 Science, Technology and Culture

ENG 509 Environment, Ecology and Ecocriticism

ENG 510 Literature and Visual Culture

ENG 511 Language, Culture and Society

ENG 512 Hong Kong Cultural Production

ENG 514 Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies

#Students must choose either ENG503 or ENG513.


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