International Unit
Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Exchange-in students from Austria, Germany, Japan, Mainland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and buddies participated in the Orientation Programme. Zita and some of her friends met during attending summer school programme in UK. Selina: 'Better to see something once, then to hear about it a thousand times!' (Study abroad @ New Zealand) Cajsa, Exchange-in student from Sweden, and SYU Basketball Team. Eunice and some of her friends met in Adelaide during exchange. Alfred and his soccer teammates during exchange in Japan. Candy and her friends at Chung-Ang University - exchange @ Korea. Betty studied at Fudan University in Shanghai as an exchange student. Edmond and some of his friends met in Sweden during exchange. Sam and some of his friends met in Thailand during internship. Kiki Leung and her friends went sightseeing during study abroad in UK. Annie and some of her classmates went hiking to Beppu during exchange in Japan. Dennis and some of his friends met in Berlin during internship. Ka Wa and her colleague met in Kuala Lumpur during  internship. Christy and her friends visited Singapore Zoo during internship in Singapore. SYU students at Pukyong National University International Summer School 2017. Bonnie, Cho Yin and their friends met during exchange in Taiwan. Cammy and some of her friends met in New Zealand during exchange. Sze Nok and some of her classmates met during exchange in Japan. Birthday Dinner for Exchange-in student, Christy, from Henan University.