Hong Kong Shue Yan University Residential & Amenities Complex officially opened in March of 2005 and is located on Braemar Hill, North Point. The 30-storey Complex includes 17 floors of student hall of residence, 3 of staff apartments and 8 of common facilities. Sport facilities in the complex include fitness room, swimming pool and multi-purpose court. We strive to create a healthy, pleasant and harmony living-learning environment for the residents.
Hong Kong Shue Yan University Residential & Amenities Complex  
Address: No. 8, Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill Road, North Point, H.K.  
Email: hall_osa@hksyu.edu  
Undergraduate Residence General Information  
Residence   Hall Management and Common Facilities  
24/F - 26/F Staff Apartments 4/F Classroom (Rm 401)  
21/F - 23/F Postgraudate Halls   Office of Student Affairs & Hall Management Office (Rm 402)  
20/F Refuge Floor   Moot Court (Rm 403)  
6/F - 19/F Undergraduate Halls 3/F Classroom (Rm 301)  
5/F Refuge Floor   Classroom (Rm 302)  
      Multi-purpose Room (Rm 303)  
    2/F Classroom (Rm201)  
      Student Centre 1&2 (Rm 202 & 203)  
Sport Facilities   Student Union (Rm 204)  
LG1 Fitness Room 1/F Study Cafe  
LG2 Table Tennis Tables x 2   Hall Student Association (Rm 101)  
  Sport Courts G/F Reception  
  (Badminton court, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court) LG1 Laundry Room  
LG3 Swimming Pool   Multi-purpose Room  
    LG2 Multi-purpose Room  
Application for Undergraduate / Postgraduate Residence
Move-in, Move-out & Room Change Instruction