Prof. WONG Siu-lun

Professor Wong Siu-lun was formerly Chair Professor, Department of Sociology and Director, Centre of Asian Studies, The University of Hong Kong. He retired in 2010. He is currently Emeritus Chair Professor of Sociology and Honorary Professor of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (inc. Centre of Asian Studies) of the University of Hong Kong.  His research interests include the study of entrepreneurship, business networks, migration, social indicators, and the development of sociology in China.  Professor Wong is the author of Sociology and Socialism in Contemporary China (1979), and Emigrant Entrepreneurs:  Shanghai Industrialists in Hong Kong (1988).  He is also the co-author of Chinese Family Enterprises in Hong Kong:  Case Studies (with Victor Zheng, 2004) and the co-editor of Indicators of Social Development: Hong Kong 2006 (2008).  Currently, Professor Wong is the Chairman of the University Council at Hong Kong Shue Yan University.


Title of Speech: Soul-Searching in the Chinese and Indian Diaporas






Prof. CHUA Beng Huat

Chua Beng Huat is concurrently, Provost Chair Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Cultural Studies in Asia Research Cluster Leader, Asia Research Institute and Head, the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore. His research interests include comparative politics in Southeast Asia, housing and urban policy, sociology of consumption and Cultural Studies in Asia.  His publications include: as author, Communitarian Ideology and Democracy in Singapore, Political Legitimacy and Housing: Stakeholding in Singapore, Life is Not Complete without Shopping and Structure, Audience and Soft Power in East Asian Pop Culture and, as editor, Singapore Studies II: Critical Studies; Consumption in Asia: lifestyles and identities, Communitarian Politics in Asia, Elections as Popular Culture in Asia, (Co-editor, Chen Kuan-Hsing) Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Reader (2007), East Asia Pop Culture: Analysing the Korean Wave (2008) and Port Cities in Asia and Europe (2008). He is founding co-executive editor of the journal, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.


Title of Speech: Return to/of the Political Popular in Sociology in Asia