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Further Study Opportunities

Graduates from the program should be eligible to apply to any PhD program in Sociology, Anthropology, China Studies, Asian Studies or Cultural Studies either locally or overseas that requires completion of a Master's Degree in Sociology.

Employment/Career Opportunities

The program is especially suitable for cultural workers and community workers who are interested in better understanding social dynamics. Students may choose to work on their graduate projects in collaboration with NGOs or community-based voluntary organizations. This is an opportunity for students to apply knowledge learnt from the program to real-world practices in everyday life.

Moreover, the program is also useful for Hong Kong teachers who are teaching Liberal Studies in secondary schools. Learning about recent developments in China as well as different paths of social transformations in Mainland China and other Chinese communities will enhance their teaching of the subject.

Besides, an in-depth understanding of the social transformation in Chinese societies can also be leveraged to enhance job performance in a wide variety of professions such as education, human resource management, non-governmental organizations, advertising and business administration.