Academic Board



Academic Vice President





Deputy President

Administrative Vice President

Associate Academic Vice President

Associate Academic Vice President (Teaching and Learning Development)

Associate Administrative Vice President

Associate Vice President (Student Affairs)

Director of University Research

Director of the Graduate School

Director of Research Office

Senior Registrar

Registrar (Quality Assurance)


Heads of Department

Departmental Representatives

Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond

Mr. HO Tat Ming, Benjamin

Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica

Dr. LEE Sherman

Dr. LI Kit Man

Dr. LO Wing Sang

Dr. TANG Chi Ho

Dr. TSE Pui Chi

Mr. WAN Kwok Fai

Dr. WONG Kwan Leung

Dr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina

Elected Student Representative


Terms of Reference

The Academic Board shall regulate the academic affairs of the University subject to the financial control of the University Council and shall have the power:

  1. To plan, develop and regulate the academic courses and programmes of the University and to keep the quality of such courses and programmes under constant review.
  2. To review policies and regulations for the admission of persons to programmes of study provided by the University, and their continuance therein.
  3. To regulate examinations leading to degrees and other academic awards of the University, to appoint internal examiners and to recommend the appointment of external examiners to the University Council.
  4. To approve the appointment of External Programme Assessors and External Academic Advisors.
  5. To regulate the requirements for the conferring of degrees and other academic awards of the University.
  6. To stimulate the advancement of knowledge by the encouragement of faculty research and publications.
  7. To require the withdrawal of any student from the University on academic grounds.
  8. To give advice on any matter which may be referred to it by the University Council.