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Minor Options for Undergraduate Students

Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) is the first and only private university in Hong Kong. To enrich students' learning experiences and employability, HKSYU offers Minor options for its undergraduate students starting from the 2016-17 intake. Students will have the opportunity to specialise in more than one subject area to increase their competitive edge upon their graduation.

Students can decide their choice of Minor if they opt to have one. Here are some of the possible examples:

Major/Minor combination Related career function
Major in Business Administration
Minor in Linguistics and Translation

Corporate Communication
Major in Chinese Language & Literature
Minor in Literary and Cultural Studies

Major in Sociology
Minor in Economics

Public Policy Research
Major in English
Minor in Journalism & Communication

Publication Editor

  1. The Minor Programmes available are: (Please click the Minor Programme for detailed course description.)
  2. Offering Departments Minor Programmes Offered
    Accounting Minor in Accounting #
    Business Administration Minor in Business Administration
    Chinese Language & Literature Minor in Chinese Language & Literature
    Counselling & Psychology Minor in Psychology #
    Economics & Finance Minor in Economics
    Minor in Finance
    English Language & Literature Minor in Literary and Cultural Studies
    Minor in Linguistics and Translation
    History Minor in History
    Journalism & Communication Minor in Journalism and Mass Communication
    Social Work Minor in Social Work #
    Sociology Minor in Sociology

    # These Minor Programmes will not lead to the same professional recognition as students who complete the programmes as major.


  3. Due to the comparatively packed curriculum and/or the requirements stipulated by professional bodies/authority, students of the following programmes are not eligible to take Minor programme in other departments:
      • BA (Hons) in Journalism & Mass Communication
      • BCom (Hons) in Accounting
      • BCom (Hons) in Law & Business
      • BSW (Hons)

  4. The minimum credit requirement for declaring a Minor is 15.

  5. Students can express their interest in pursuing a Minor in Semester 2 of Year 1. Associate Degree / Higher Diploma holders who are admitted to Year 2 can express their intention to pursue a Minor in the application.

  6. Please also refer "Guidance Notes on Minor Programmes" at here for more details.