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  1. The Center organizes a variety of seminars, workshops and conferences to help participants better understand how the development of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities contributes to global development. 
  2. It organizes fieldtrips to foster a better understanding of “Chineseness” through examining the process of interpreting and inventing tradition in the context of social change.
  3. The Centre publishes research work on China, including the Contemporary China Research Papers.
  4. The Center works together with students on research projects and seminars.

      主要活動 :

  1. 本中心舉辦主題演講及會議,分析中國大陸,香港,澳門,台灣及海外華人團體如何促進全球化的發展。

  2. 組織田野考察,探討社會變遷,傳統的再詮釋及發明,藉此了解中國人身份的複雜性。

  3. 本中心出版有關中國研究的學術期刊,如“當代中國研究”期刊。

  4. 本中心組織學生參與演講及研究計劃。

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