Department of Counselling & Psychology

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Our programme aims to:

1. provide a broad base of knowledge in Counselling and Psychology;

2. develop students’ competence in the application of principles and practices of Counselling and Psychology;

3. allow students to experience procedures in the field of Counselling, including various forms of counselling techniques as they are applied at both the individual and the group levels;

4. breed a new generation of scientist-practitioners;

5. integrate the use of technology into the programme both for teaching and learning and to prepare students for employment in a technology-enabled environment;

6. provide students with ample opportunities to engage in self-reflection, develop self-awareness,
and become connected to their inner resources;

7. promote healthy life styles and the development of personal integrity;

8. help students to develop professional attitudes, conduct and ethics;

9. enhance students’ appreciation of and interest in their cultural heritage per se and in relation to their training in Counselling and Psychology;

10. enable students to become independent, critical and analytical thinkers;

11. prepare students for further studies at the graduate level by developing their skills in data analysis, research and experimentation;

12. equip students with an adequate academic foundation for the pursuit of professional qualifications and certification.