Dr. FU Wai
Associate Professor
Research Coordinator, M.SSc. Counselling and Psychology Programme

Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong
M.Phil., Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong

B.Soc.Sc. (GEN) (Psychology), The University of Hong Kong

Office: RLG307 , Research Complex
Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemer Hill,
North Point, Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 2806-8044
Phone: (852) 2570-7110 ext.312
Consultation Hours: Monday 1730-1830; Wednesday 1200-1400; or by appointment

RESEARCH INTERESTS [Potential MPhil Supervisor]
 - History of Psychology

 - Lacanian Psychoanalysis
 - Gambling Prevention

 - Qualitative Research (Critical Psychology)



- Debate Education

- Creative Writing


- Decipherment of Ancient Chinese Text Gongsunlongzi 公孫龍子 , Guiguzi 鬼谷子 and Mozi 墨子 in psychological perspective
- History of Hypnosis in Modern China
- Translation of Lacan's Ecrit and Seminar Series
- Meaning reconstruction among Chinese cancer patients
- Gambling in Post-modern Hong Kong
- Hong Kong Pop culture as narcissism and voyeurism: critics from Lacanian Perspective



Grants awarded as principal investigator
Faculty Development Scheme, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong Government.
The missing link: An investigation of Moism, the School of Names, and the School of Diplomats, and their place in the history of ancient Chinese psychology. (Project No. UGC/FDS15/H07/14)
Amount funded: HK$ 297,850 (2014-2016)

Grant awarded as co-investigator
Hong Kong PHAB Association. 系統性輔導服務發展培訓及研究 (Project funded by Social Development Fund, Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong Government). (Principal Investigator: Prof. Catherine Sun Tien-Lun).
Amount funded: HK$ (2010-2013)

Zion Social Service Yuk Lai Hin Counselling Centre. 從資訊科技的使用窺見香港青少年賭博問題 (Project funded by Ping-Wo Fund). (Principal Investigator: Dr. Calvin Yu, Kai-Ching)
Amount funded: HK$80,000. (2011).



Fu, W., & Yu, C.K.C. (2014). Predicting Disordered Gambling with Illusory Control, Gaming Preferences, and Internet Gaming Addiction among Chinese Youth. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, DOI: 10.1007/s11469-014-9532-z

Yu, C. K.-C., & Fu, W. (2014). Cognitive distortions and pathological gambling among Chinese youth. Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 5(1), 62-70.

Fu, W. (2013) Critical Psychology is not psychology: an essay from the perspective of an ancient Chinese philosopher Gongsun Longzi written by a so-called Hong Kong psychologist. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 10, 277-292.

符瑋、李允安、梁彥誼 (2013),《香港傷健協會與香港樹仁大學輔導及心理學系合辦 ?系統性輔導服務發展培訓及研究?》培訓階段期間服務使用者的身心健康水平研究 報告。香港﹕樹仁大學輔導及心理學系、香港傷健協會。(香港傷健協會贊助項目)

Yu, C.K.C. and Fu, W. (2011). Sex dreams, wet dreams and nocturnal emissions. Dreaming, 21(3), 197-212.

符瑋、余啟程 (2011),《從資訊科技的使用窺見香港青少年賭博問題》。香港﹕樹仁大學輔導暨研究中心、錫安社會服務處勗勵軒輔導中心。(平和基金贊助項目)。

Yu, K.C.C., and Fu, W. (2010). Report on efficacy of Chinese medicine service, Wong Tai Sin Clinic. (Project commissioned by Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple.)

Yu, K.C. C., Fu, W., Zhao, X. and Davey, G. (2010) Public understanding of counsellors and counselling in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 1(1):47-54

符瑋、謝昭銳、周穎聰,「從信件到主體﹕從拉康的《關於被竊的信的座談會》一文看法國精神分析學派中的主體性理論」(From letter to subject: an introduction to Seminare sur《La Lettre volee》 by Jacques Marie Lacan),《樹仁學報》(第八期),香港﹕香港樹仁大學,2007。



Fu, W. (2015). The School of Diplomats (445-221BC) and Its Place in the History of Ancient Chinese Psychology. Toronto, Canada: 2015 Annual Conference of American Psychological Association (Conference Organzied by APA), 6 Aug-9 Aug (Oral Presentation, Division 26).

Yu, C.K.C., & Fu, W. (2015). Illusory control and pathological gambling among Chinese youth. Hong Kong: The 4th Asian Pacific Problem Gambling and Addiction Conference 2015 (Conference organized by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Even Centre) 8 May-9 May 2015. (Oral Presentation)

Fu, W. (2013). Hair and the Fish, or do they have a place in future DSM V. Miami Symposium 2013: What Lacan Know About Woman. (Conference organized by WAP, World Association of Psychoanalysis) 30 May- 4 Jun 2013.

Fu, W. (2011). Cases studies on neurosis cases that do not fit-in with DSM IV-tr systems. Proceedings, the 7th Chinese Psychologists Conference, 2011: Taipei, Taiwan.

Fu, W. (2011). Deciphering Guiguzi, an ancient Zhou Dynasty textbook for spies-training. Proceedings, the 7th Chinese Psychologists Conference, 2011: Taipei, Taiwan.

Fu, W. (2011). Juxtaposing Gongsunlongzi to Piaget’s Reason. Paper presented in 7th Chinese Psychologists Conference, 1-3 Sep 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.

Fu, W. (2011). Content Analysis on Adolescent’s written narrative on one’s first smoking experience. Paper presented in 7th Chinese Psychologists Conference, 1-3 Sep 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.

Fu, W. (2011). Developing tools and materials for counselling education. Paper presented in 2nd Asian-Pacific Rim International Counselling Conference, 6-8 Jul 2011, Hong Kong.

Fu, W. (2010) From addiction to subversion of subject. Paper presented in International Psychoanalytic Association Asia Conference 2010, 21-24 Oct 2010, Beijing.

Fu W, Yau Y.T.I, & Tsui T.L.P (2007). Patterns of gambling among Hong Kong teenagers. Paper presented in 2007 World Mental Health Congress of the World Federation of Mental Health, 19-23 Aug 2007, Hong Kong.

Fu W (2007) Letters and graphics in Lacan’s Ecrit. Invited Symposium on Lacanian Psychoanalysis and theory of Slavoj ?i?ek. 7-8 Jun 2007, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

Fu W (2005) Death Presented in Chinese Breast Cancer Patients' Narratives. Paper presented in 12th HKICC, 8-10 Dec 2005, Hong Kong.

Fu W (2004) Husbands presented in the narratives written by Hong Kong breast cancer patients. Paper presented in 11th HKICC, 10-12 Nov 2004; Hong Kong.


Fu W (2004) Community of Debaters in Late-Zhou Dynasty of China and its significance in history of psychology. Invited Symposium: 28th International Congress of Psychology, 8-13 Aug, 2004, Beijing.

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Fu W (2004) Eastern conceptualization of post-traumatic transformation. Paper presented in 4 th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health. 23-27 May, 2004; Quebec City, Canada.

Fu W (2003) On Chinese Hypnotism and the methodological issues of corresponding research. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of SAITS. Qufu , China.



符瑋 (2015),《300.9 (F99)》,香港﹕指非指出版社。(ISBN: 978-98813867-5-5)

符瑋 (2011),《台北蓮蓬》,香港﹕指非指出版社。(ISBN: 978-98813867-7-9)

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符瑋 (2003) 詩集﹕《夏日的折翼事件》香港, Open Source。

符瑋 (2002) 詩集﹕《腥紅熱》香港, Open Source。

符瑋 (2001) 詩集:《曈曨》香港, Open Source 。


Current Academic Year

CP518 Research Workshops & Seminars in Counselling Psychology
CP530-1 Dissertation
GED202 Philosophy and Psychology of Everyday Life
PSY207 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY208 Psychoanalytic Concepts
PSY214 Qualitative Research Methods
PSY401-3 Research Thesis / PSY411-2 Honours Research Project

Courses Previously Taught
PSY103 Statistics for Social Sciences
PSY206P Research Methods and Designs
PSY371 Research Project I
PSY372 Research Project II
PSY401 Research Thesis I
PSY402 Research Thesis II
PSY403 Research Thesis III
SPSS Workshop
NVivo Workshop



- Member, European Society for the History of the Human Sciences
- Professional Affiliate, Division 26 (History of Psychology), APA
- Professional Affiliate, Division 24 (Theory and Philosophical Psychology), APA
- Manager, Research and Development Team, APCA


- Editorial Board (Translation Team), International Social Work
- Editorial Board, Asian-Pacific Journal of Counselling
- 保良局小學辯論賽榮譽顧問
- Columnist (AVBi) (2012-2014)


- Young Investgator Award, Hong Kong International Cancer Congress (2005)
- 第三屆倪匡科幻小說獎 (2003)
- 科幻評論組(決選)、科幻小說組(入圍) (2003)


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