Your Dream Starts Here

The University firmly believes that, with the right education, all young people can fly high and fulfil their dreams.

The University promotes the spirit of humanity and the freedom to chase knowledge, and equips young people professionally. As set out in its motto “Cultivating virtues of benevolence; broadening horizon and knowledge” (敦仁博物), HKSYU graduates are virtuous individuals who will make themselves useful in the service of knowledge and society.

HKSYU provides many ways for students to further their education. It currently offers 17 undergraduate and 21 postgraduate programmes for students to choose according to their interests.

Undergraduate Programmes

HKSYU currently provides 16 undergraduate programmes and one Co-Operation Programme. For details of the curriculum, application procedures and programme information, please click on the following link.

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Postgraduate Programmes

Host by HKSYU or in collaboration with Mainland and overseas institutions, the University provides 21 postgraduate programmes with the vision to promote lifelong education and cultivate leaders in different areas who can contribute to academia. Part-time and full-time postgraduate programmes which can be completed in one to four years are available.

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Faculties and Departments

There are eleven departments under the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Social Sciences combined. They cover a large variety of academic fields, which enables students and teaching staff to pursue their research interests.

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