2019/20 Entry Requirements for Part I Programme for Bachelor of Science / Arts (Honours) in Economics collaborated with University of Leicester, U.K.

Entry Requirements :


Applicant Type
Minimum Entry Requirements
  • English language: Level 3 or above;
  • Mathematics: Level 2 or above;
  • Liberal studies: Level 2 or above; and
  • Two elective subjects: Level 3 or above.

Merits in Applied Learning subjects may be used for additional consideration

Associate Degree / Higher Diploma Hong Kong Associate Degree / Higher Diploma Holders (of locally accredited programmes)
General Certificate of Education (GCE) Three passes in GCE A-level subjects. Two AS subjects are considered to be equivalent to one A-level subject. The same subject will not be counted at both the A-level and AS-level
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Overall score of at least 24 points
Other Qualifications Other equivalent academic qualifications (subject to assessment by the University)