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HKSYU has three faculties (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Social Sciences), 11 departments and offers 16 undergraduate programmes for students who aspire for further education. The programmes are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and are recognized by the government.


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Below are the majors available for Year One Entry undergraduate students:


Faculty of Commerce

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting Programme

    An accounting system is essential for industrial and commercial activities and for international trade and finance. The Department of Accounting at HKSYU trains competent accountants to meet the enormous demand from industry and commerce.

    BCom (Honours) in Accounting is a four-year undergraduate programme emphasizes a comprehensive and integrated professional accounting training alongside a general education.

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  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Programme

    The Department of Business Administration was established in 1971. The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) programme replaced the former diploma curriculum in 2003, and the department has offered a Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology since September 2013.

    The undergraduate programme not only enhances students’ communication and critical thinking skills, but also familiarizes them with modern commercial theories and practice, data-processing skills and the ability to understand cultural differences. An emphasis is also placed on integrating traditional Chinese values with modern practices of commerce.

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  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Human Resources Management - Applied Psychology Programme

    The BBA HRMAP aims to provide students with a strong foundation in HRM and Applied Psychology. The courses in HRM aim to equip students with cutting-edge theories and practices in HRM thereby enabling them to recruit, motivate and retain appropriate employees and build up good employment relationships. The courses in Psychology enable students to understand employees’ personality, emotions, and behaviours, and to cope with management challenges in the rapidly changing business environment.

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  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Digital Marketing Programme

    The programme aims to equip students with knowledge of business operations, digital marketing and multimedia applications, and to integrate them with critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities. Graduates will be able to develop their careers in fields related to digital marketing and be equipped to work in different sectors upon graduation, for example in retail, customer service, customer relationship management, content management, advertising, digital strategic planning, digital commerce coordination, They will also be able to pursue opportunities to start their own business as digital business entrepreneurs and consultants.

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  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Corporate Governance and Risk Management Programme

    The programme aims to equip students with the conceptual and practical tools to improve the corporate governance and risk management of organizations. It enables students to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills in business administration, corporate governance, and risk management. The related courses will be taught by professionals such as experienced company secretaries and legal professionals.

    Students will be prepared for a wide range of professional and global careers to meet the current market demand from potential employers such as professional agencies offering accounting and company secretary services, listed companies, commercial banks, financial asset management companies, and financial regulators such as the Securities and Futures Commission and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance Programme

    The Department Economics and Finance was founded in 1977. Its Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance was accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in 2004, and was restructured into a four-year programme in 2009 under the name BA (Honours) in Economics and Finance.

    The programme aims to cultivate students with a solid understanding of economic theories and an ability to apply this knowledge in various decision-making situations. Aside from fully grasping the nuances of social sciences, graduates will become familiar with the major fields in economics and finance as well as its analytical tools.

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  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Financial Technology Programme

    BCom (Hons) in Financial Technology was approved by the Chief Executive in Council on 26 May 2020. The programme aims to equip students with FinTech related knowledge in four major areas: (1) finance, (2) technology, (3) applied data science, and (4) economics, law, and business.

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  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Law and Business Programme

    The study of law at Shue Yan dates from 1973 as the institution once offered an Honours Diploma in Law and Business. Following the conferral of its university status in 2006, the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Law and Business was launched in 2007.

    Given that Hong Kong is an international financial centre and that China now plays an increasingly important role in the global economy, this programme integrates legal knowledge with business expertise to train graduates who are highly knowledgeable in both business and law.

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Faculty of Arts

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Language and Literature Programme

    The Department of Chinese Language and Literature was founded when Shue Yan College was first established. For four decades, it has shared the University’s mission to promote traditional Chinese culture and moral values. To offer students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, the department has secured overseas exchange programmes with 45 institutions in 19 regions around the world. Regular activities and events such as seminars and gatherings are often organized to foster closer ties amongst students.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Programme

    Among Hong Kong university programmes offering full-time Bachelor of Arts(Hons) degrees in English, the Department of Language and Literature at Shue Yan is singular in its interdisciplinary approach to the study of language, literature, culture and translation. This creative crossing of boundaries also informs our Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies and the New Mphil and PhD programmes in English, enhancing the learning experience and allowing students to acquire transferable skills required by contemporary society.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History Programme

    The Department of History successfully passed the review exercise of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in 2005 to launch its four-year full-time undergraduate programme. The department aims to equip its students with thorough understanding of Chinese history whilst also providing a global perspective. The programme encompasses specialized issues such as Chinese historiography, cultural history, economic history and intellectual history. Topics such as world history, history of the world and China, as well as regional history (including Hong Kong) are also taught in the programme.

    Since the 1990s, the department has also run a master’s programme on ancient/modern and contemporary history with Peking University.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Journalism and Mass Communication Programme

    The Department of Journalism and Communication was founded in 1971 and has become one of the major educational institutions of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising (PRA) in Hong Kong. Students receive intensive training to achieve language proficiency, technological competency, as well as a thorough understanding of communication processes. To prepare students for their careers in the digital age, the department also provides training on news reporting and writing, news translation, audio-visual production, audio-visual news and information production, new media platforms, editorial and commentary writing and script writing and/or marketing, public relations and advertising.

    The department operates platforms such as SY Media Lab (新傳網) and Our Voice (仁聞報) for students to practice what they have acquired in lessons. Students also have the opportunity to participate in internship programmes to gain work experience in the field of journalism and communication.

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Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Counselling and Psychology Programme

    The Department of Counselling and Psychology is the first and only department of its kind in Hong Kong to offer counselling training at an undergraduate level. Its Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Counselling and Psychology is the only programme in Asia which uses the most updated knowledge on counselling and psychology to teach students. It emphasizes both learning and practice, and enables students to apply their experience in real-life situations.

    The department also offers a Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology in Counselling Psychology.

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  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology Programme

    In 2007, approval was given by the Programme Validation and Review Committee (PVRC) of HKSYU to offer a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) programme in Psychology, the fourth of its kind to be offered in Hong Kong. The body of knowledge surrounding the study of Psychology is founded in systems, theories and empirical research. The programme therefore encompasses not only a study of the systems and theories of psychology, but also the protocols, ethics, skills and techniques of empirical research. It is designed to give students sufficient grounding in the core areas of Psychology to qualify them for direct entry into any career potentially open to Psychology graduates in both the private and the public sectors. For those aspiring to further their education upon graduation, this programme will qualify them for postgraduate training in Psychology in any accredited university.

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  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme

    The Department of Social Work was founded in 1971 and used to offer higher diploma programmes. First launched in 2002, the Bachelor of Social Work programme has trained more than 450 students working in the field of social services, which include teenage, family and elderly services.

    The department provides three supervised fieldwork placements for students, a unique practice for local social work training. As pre-placement exposure, students are required to volunteer 100 hours of social work at social service organizations during their second year.

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  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology Programme

    Sociology is concerned with the investigation of the structure of groups, organisations, and societies, and how these various structures influence human behaviour. It is increasingly being recognized by social policy makers and social development planners.

    The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology enables students to apply sociological knowledge and analyze events which occur in their immediate environment and the wider world. In addition, the department offers a Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies). Graduates of the master’s programme have a wide range of career opportunities including marketing research, police and public administration.

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