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The undergraduate programmes of HKSYU cater to the needs of society as the University strives to cultivate the righteousness of students and their ability to think critically. Students of HKSYU can apply their professional knowledge to make solid contributions to society.

Admission Compass for Undergraduate Students 2022-23
Programme Brief 2022-23
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HKSYU has three faculties and 11 departments which offer a total of 17 undergraduate and 21 postgraduate programmes. The professional expertise acquired by students can be applied in sectors such as business, media, publication, education and service industries. Students can be confident of their prospects after graduation.


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Admission Requirements

Students wishing to apply for undergraduate programmes (Year One or Two Entry) or the Undergraduate Co-Operation Programme should pay attention to the admission requirements. Please click on the link below for more details.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

To carry on the spirit of the University, scholarships are available for students who demonstrate excellence, are hard-working, observe school regulations and perform well academically. The University offers different types of scholarship schemes.

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