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Unleash Your Potential and Enjoy University Life

In addition to studying, the University places an emphasis on well-rounded and balanced student development. Through participation in different activities, students can discover their interests, unleash their potential and acquire valuable interpersonal skills. The University also offers pleasant accommodation for its undergraduate and postgraduate students to foster a fruitful university life.


Student Voice

The University values the opinions of its students. To promote openness and provide students with the opportunity to shape university policy, HKSYU has a total of 17 University Committees, six of which have students elected as representatives.

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Student Activities and Facilities

Students and student associations can organize activities at venues booked from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). The OSA offers guidelines, contacts and financial support to help events run smoothly.

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The Physical Education Section plans and organizes sports activities for students. We believe that sports are not only important to physical health but to mental fitness and character development. Therefore, the Physical Education Section provides a platform for students to demonstrate their talents, whilst development sportsmanship and building friendships.

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Student Accommodation

The University strives to create a pleasant living and learning environment for students to pursue academic success, advance their skills and develop their personal relationships.

Student accommodation is located at the Residential & Amenities Complex, as well as the Research Complex. There are shared rooms for two, three and four people, but limited quantities of single rooms are also available. All accommodation are equipped with facilities such as a common room, gym, study room, indoor sports court and band room. The Hall Student Association, Resident Assistant Team and the Mainland China Student Association (MCSA) also organize various activities to bring students together.

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Student Support

University cares about every student. We foster students’ holistic development through counseling service, personal growth and health educational programmes. Students are welcome to engage with counselors when they encounter personal difficulties by phone, email or by visiting our website. Personal growth programmes are frequently held to cultivate positive values and resilience as well as to enhance self-understanding and mental health.  

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Career Planning

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides students with comprehensive career services and training to help them understand their interests and the employment skills they need to develop to prepare themselves for the job market. Students can receive the latest updates from The OSA website. Students and graduates can also find suitable jobs provided by the career platform. Personal career counseling is also available.

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