Shue Yan was founded in 1971 by Dr. Henry H.L. Hu and Dr. Chung Chi Yung in response to their serious concern over the acute shortage of tertiary places for local secondary school leavers aspiring for university education.

Shue Yan was registered under Post-secondary Colleges Ordinance (CAP 320) in 1976 and offered a four-year diploma which was recognized by the Government as a qualification for appointment to the civil service.

Shue Yan underwent a series of institutional reviews and developed ten four-year honours degree programmes during 1997-2006. On the basis of its track record of offering high quality degree programmes, the title of Shue Yan University (HKSYU) was granted by the Chief Executive in Council on 19 December 2006, and HKSYU became the first private university in Hong Kong.

Shue Yan currently offers 12 undergraduate programmes, 6 taught postgraduate programmes, and 12 research postgraduate programmes with a total student population of about 5,000. Shue Yan’s programmes offer students a well-rounded educational experience that produces graduates who are:

  • Articulate, open-minded critical thinkers with a passion for lifelong learning and self-improvement;
  • Committed to appropriate ethical behaviour, based on a strong sense of social responsibility;
  • Well prepared to apply their specialist knowledge, skills and creativity in their chosen field of employment; and
  • Ready to apply their global outlook and understanding of Chinese cultural values to support the harmonious development of Hong Kong and China in the 21st century.