Graduate Studies Committee

                          Prof. WONG Kin Yuen
                          Prof. HU Yao-su
                          Prof. CHEUNG Yuet Wah
                          Prof.  LEE Chiu Chun
                          Prof.  David YEUNG
                          Prof. YU Fu Lai Tony
                          Dr. CHAN Kit Sze Amy


                          Terms of Reference of the Graduate Studies Committee

  1. to advise the AVP and Academic Board in relation to matters of scholarship in research and taught postgraduate programmes;
  2. to consider and approve candidature for research postgraduate degrees;
  3. to provide advice and co-ordinate the courses and workshops provided for the research postgraduate programmes;
  4. to approve the final results and graduation outcomes of students registered on post-graduate programmes(taught and by research) and to make recommendations to the Academic Board;
  5. to establish procedures to investigate cases of alleged academic misconduct or complaints made by students of post-graduate programmes;
  6. to establish procedures to handle appeals and grievances submitted by students of postgraduate programmes;
  7. to recommend to the Academic Board initiatives to strengthen postgraduate programmes;
  8. to recommend to the Academic Board initiatives to improve the experience of students registered on postgraduate programmes;
  9. to establish procedures for the award of Postgraduate Studentships;
  10. to assist the Director of Graduate School in matters relating to the recruitment of students.