Postgraduate Studentships (For MPhil and PhD)

Postgraduate Studentships of the amount HK$15,000 per month will be awarded to students who are enrolling in full-time mode and within their normative study periods.

The job duties of studentship recipients may include teaching and research assistant. The maximum working hours will be 12 hours per week.


Student Financial Assistance and Scholarships (For All Postgraduate Programmes)

Students can apply for financial assistance in the form of a government tuition fee loan, under the “Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS)” administered by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency. The guidance notes, application form and relevant documents can be obtained from

A limited number of scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic performance who are nominated by academic departments. A Postgraduate Scholarship award was established by the University in 2010/11. All the local and non-local full time students are eligible to apply for the annual scholarships via the OSA normally between February and March, after the academic result of the first semester has been released. Other scholarship opportunities available to postgraduate applicants include the Postgraduate Scholarships awarded by the Hong Kong Association of University Women. For more details, please contact the OSA.


Special Subsidy

All Postgraduate students in full-time mode will be entitled to free accommodation in the postgraduate hostel for the first semester.