Programme-specific Requirements

The applicants should:

  • Possess a bachelor or a master degree in relevant disciplines; and
  • Have excellent command of spoken and written Chinese.


Application Materials

  1. A Copy of identity card or passport
  2. Official Transcripts from the University attended by applicants*
  3. Copies of degree certificates
  4. An official score report of IELTS on English proficiency (to be sent directly by the examination bodies)
  5. A sample of writings (MPhil: undergraduate term paper/ research paper or MA term paper/ dissertation; PhD: Master’s dissertation or research paper)
  6. A Research proposal
  7. Confidential Recommendations from two academic referees respectively*


* Official Transcripts and Confidential Recommendation must reach the respective divisions directly from the University and academic referees, or in sealed envelopes and sent by the applicant with other support documents to the Graduate Division.


Research Proposal

The followings are items that you may include in the research proposal:

  1. Area of interests
  2. Proposed thesis and arguments of your project
  3. Background of your research
  4. Research methodology
  5. Brief outline of the thesis/dissertation proposed
  6. Preliminary list of primary and secondary references

Length of proposal (for reference only):
MPhil about 2,000 characters     PhD about 4,000 characters


A strong proposal will be essential to the success of your application. assessed, among other things, for its strength in background research and the originality of its thesis.