Our Programme | Procedures for Application & Qualifications for Admission

            Programme Structure
            Admission Requirement

Programme Objective

The programme

  1. offers students a concrete foundation for their life career in the digital age;
  2. provides a broad knowledge base in Humanities and Social Sciences;
  3. gives up-to-date and professional skills in processing news and mass communication content;
  4. increases students' awareness of ethical issues in mass communication;
  5. enhances students' competence in written and oral communication in Chinese and English;
  6. helps students develop a critical, independent, and analytical mind;
  7. encourages students' creativity through practical workshops and internship in mass communication organizations;
  8. enables students to understand and explicate the relationship between social, cultural and economic factors and their
    impacts on the mass communication process in the digital age;
  9. lets students know the significance of media convergence in the process of global communication.

Programme Learning Outcome

The programme aims to provide graduates who can

  1. demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the mass communication process;
  2. plan and produce high quality productions for different forms of mass media;
  3. work independently and, on their own initiative, carry out day-to-day journalistic practices in Hong Kong and Mainland China;
  4. express themselves competently and appropriately in Chinese and English;
  5. provide a critical analysis of the existing forms and content of mass communication;
  6. understand the development and application of new media to the mass communication industry;
  7. design and carry out independent research in the areas of journalism and mass communication for further studies.