Today, technology and techniques in data analytics, data mining, machine learning, semantic analysis, data visualization, and big data research have been gradually dominating the communication industry, and hence increasingly influential to production, dissemination of information and relevant human behaviors. To be the pioneer in journalism and communication education in Hong Kong, we are committed to cultivate our students with the latest trend of development in the communication industry.

HKSYU is the first private university in Hong Kong -- with the motto “cultivating virtues of benevolence; broadening horizons and knowledge.” Our department offers applied communication education to those who seek to cultivate a career in a fast-moving communication industry in Hong Kong.

This conference will gather together a group of experts for one-day presentations and discussions aiming at stimulating thoughts and ideas on how big data is impacting communication education especially in data-driven journalism, media/consumer research, and different perspectives the opportunities and challenges big data bring to the media industry. We estimate that there will be around 500 students and colleagues from across campus attend the conference.

We hope that you can also join us!