Practice & Internship

In the first two years students will receive training in foundation subjects while in the third and fourth years they will go more deeply into the theory and practice of journalism and mass communication. For a rounded training, they are also exposed to news translation, TV production, editorial and commentary writing and script writing, so that they will be well prepared for their future careers.

For practical experience, students may participate in activities organized by students themselves such as Our Voice ( 仁聞報 ), SYC Agency, radio and television workshops and SY Newsletter, etc.

-- Our Voice (仁聞報 - monthly printed newspaper)
-- Shuo Online (說.在線 - daily updated online news reporting)
-- HKNews (香港新聞網 - weekly seminar and news reporting)


The Department also offers an extensive internship programme for all qualified Journalism majors (with a G.P.A. 2.50 or above). Students may be provided with professional internship at commercial or educational television and radio stations, daily newspapers, advertising agencies, various public and private corporations in order that they can gain practical experience by applying their theoretical knowledge learnt from classes.


Major and Minors
Only after satisfactorily completing the first and second year studies, attaining at least 66 credits with a G.P.A. of at least 2.50, can the student be qualified as a Journalism major, and be entitled to participate in the professional internship programme. Those who cannot participate in the internship may choose, according to their own interest, courses in other areas such as English Literature, Sociology, History, Advertising and Public Relations, etc. with a total of 4-6 courses (18-24 credits) as their minor.

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