SY MediaLab Big Data Project

SY MediaLab Big Data Project

You may now download the app at both App Store and Google Play, search SY MediaLab Big Data (SYMLBD) or through the link at bottom of this email.


  1. Download the app;
  2. register with your email;
  3. get a code from SYMLBD email (need also to check Trash / Spam mail);
  4. key in the code to start;
  5. remember to turn on GPS;
  6. there would be reminder to turn on GPS, to inform you to download the latest version of the app, to notify if the data is sent, etc.
  7. if you have an earlier version, you need to uninstall the old one first;
  8. the code is related to your email, if you use the same email to register, you will always receive the same code.

This project would only be successful with your help. We invite your participation to collect data at any place and at any time. There are about 600 students in the Department and if everyone collects 10 data, we would have 6000 data every day! We will write paper to report the findings. We will promote the project to other universities throughout the world. Researchers can also download the raw data for their own studies while quoting the source from SY MediaLab. This is a valuable promotion of the Department and Shue Yan through this project. However, all these depend on your participation.

We thank SY MediaLab Mr. Ng Sek Ming develops the app, and for the last three months has been continuously updating the app.

Best wishes,

Will W. K. Ma

Google Play:
App Store:


新傳網 SY MediaLab Big Data [ SY MLBD ]

Purpose of the Project

This is a worldwide collaboration project to collect mobile phone applications at any time, at any place in the world. Through real-time data display, readers can understand how people are using mobile applications. Researchers can explore trends with the longitudinal data. Raw data is available to the public. Registered users can download the raw data and analyze the data in their own ways. Quote the source of data: Hong Kong Shue Yan University SY MediaLab Big Data Project.

Realtime chart -

For enquiry about the project, please email at:

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