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Online Communication: To examine how communication from the real world to the virtual world affects the future of human kind

樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系於2006年成立民調與研究中心 (Survey and Research Centre),積極參與香港社會民生意見調查,為各不同機構單位提供客觀參考數據及資料分析,為本學系積極參與香港社會事務奠定堅實基礎。



  1. 學術研究:為網絡傳播研究訂定目標與計劃,進行學術研究;
  2. 建立網絡傳播研究團隊:尋找有知趣有能力之本科生加入,培養本科生之研究精神,成立一支有質素之科研隊伍;及
  3. 國內外學術交流:籌辦各種學術交流活動,加強與國內外大學之學術交流,提升研究質素。


樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系系主任梁天偉教授 任 網絡傳播研究中心主任
樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系馬偉傑博士 任 網絡傳播研究中心執行長

2010-2011 年度

2011-2012 年度

Survey and Research Centre, Department of Journalism and Communication, Shue Yan University, was established in 2006. It participates in the survey of Hong Kong people’s livelihood, for the different establishments, and data analysis to provide objective references. It lays a solid foundation for its role in active participation in community affairs. Meanwhile, the Department is also actively examining ways to enhance the level of department and status of academic research, including plans for a system of academic research, organization of conferences to promote academic exchanges, enhancement of quality of research, and to strive for research outputs on international academic journals, and so on. Therefore, the department set up the Online Communication Research Centre in November, 2010 to promote the implementation of these plans.

After the public listing of Netscape in the United States since 1995, the Internet in the civil use has increased significantly. The transfer of the communication from the reality to the virtual world created a lot of unknowns. The purpose of the centre is to study how the Internet affects human communication of the future.

Research Responsibilities:
1. Academic research: To set study objectives and plans for academic online communication research;
2. The establishment of an online communication research team: To look for competent students from the undergraduates in order to cultivate their spirit in conducting academic research; and
3. Domestic and international academic exchanges: organizing various academic exchange activities, to strengthen academic exchanges with foreign universities to enhance the quality of research.

Research Areas:
Network communication and society, new media, the formation and the maintenance of virtual relationships, network communication research methods.
Composed of:
Professor Leung Tin Wai (Head, Department of Journalism & Communication) as Director of the Online Communication Research Centre;
Dr. Ma Wai Kit Will (Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Communication) as Chief Executive Officer of the Online Communication Research Centre;

Student Research Assistants (2010-2011):
Chan Sin Yan Cindy, Hui Kun Lam Raymond, Leung Ho Ying Edith, Chui Wai Tung Mandy, Chan wing Yan Sherry, So Wing Chi Kathy

Student Research Assistants (2011-2012):
Chan Sin Yan Cindy, Hui Kun Lam Raymond, Chu Chi Man Mik

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