Extra-curricular Activities and School Facilities:
Students and societies can book facilities from OSA to organize events. OSA is also responsible for contacting each society to provide guideline, coordination and financial support to ensure that activities can operate smoothly. OSA also arranges diverse activities, including academic exchange tours, seminars, etc., to allow students to develop themselves in multiple perspectives.



Office of Student Affairs:
Students can express their opinion through mailing or face-to-face meeting with staff from OSA. Opinions will be collected and reflected to the management afterwards.

Suggestion Box:
A Suggestion box is located in OSA. Students are welcomed to write down their opinions and drop into the box. The management will collect and follow up these opinions regularly.

Joint Meeting of Student Societies:
Joint meeting is arranged between OSA and societies in a regular interval to discuss issues within the university, performance of student societies and progress of extra-curricular activities. Students can also express their opinions through their corresponding societies.


Student Representatives:
To enhance the openness of the University policy, and to provide the way for the student involvement in decision-making of the University policy.There are seven University Committees, in which the Student Affairs Committee and the Library Management & Development Committee stated that there are three student representatives come from the election, that is, each Faculty has one representative. Student Discipline Committee, the Student Finance Committee, Academic Board, Quality Assurance Committee and Panel Against Sexual Harassment stated that there is also one student representative comes from the election

Information of Student Representatives: