Through the counseling services of OSA, the Counseling Section (“CS”) supports students in their personal difficulties, including but not limited to psychological, interpersonal, academic and career issues. In helping students’ personal growth and developing their resilience, CS organizes programmes to augment students’ self-understanding, explore their potentials, and assist them to develop positive outlook on life.

To serve these objectives, the services of CS include:
1) Counseling services;
2) Self-development programmes;
3) Health educational programmes.

Counseling service:

Through individual and group counseling services, CS helps students overcome their personal difficulties by enhancing their self-understanding and sense of self-efficacy in handling different life issues. You can reach our counsellors by calling 2104 8222 and leave a message at the voice mail or by emailing counsel@hksyu.edu and they will respond to the messages within two working days. You may also contact them by using the message box on your right-hand side. Other than self-referral, University staff are encouraged to refer students in need to CS. All personal information and content of conversation will be kept confidential.

Apart from the University counseling services, students can also seek help from community resources.

Self-development programmes:

In each year, CS organises programs, seminars and workshops with different themes for students’ self-development:

  • Adjustment e.g. adjustment to university life
  • Self- efficacy e.g. time management, problem solving, assertiveness
  • Self- understanding: MBTI
  • Mental Health : understanding mental health, yoga training, relaxation skills

For information on date, venues and application procedures, students are welcome to visit our website or refer to our poster presentations for details.

Health educational programmes

Educational programmes on health e.g. sleep hygiene and smoking, and vaccinations such as influenza are organised by CS in each year to help students address concerns on their physical health and maintain a healthy life style. Students are welcome to check out the details for the launches by referring to our poster presentations.