PVRC - Terms of Reference and Membership
Terms of Reference
  • To consider any proposal from a Department for a new programme of study within an existing discipline area which leads to or articulates into an award of a degree of the University. Consideration will take into account the programme’s academic validity, standard and quality as predicted in the proposal within the context of tertiary education in Hong Kong and the University mission.
  • To review individual programmes at the interval determined by the Academic Board at validation or at the most recent review.  PVRC will ascertain whether:
    • The programme has established the academic validity, standard and quality as predicted at the initial validation or most recent review;
    • The conditions, requirements and/or recommendations set during the initial validation or most recent revalidation have been properly addressed; and
    • The proposed continued development of the programme will maintain the academic validity, standard and quality in the future.
  • To make recommendations to the Academic Board as to the acceptability of the proposal for the continued offering and development of the programme including recommendations for amendments to the programme.

Mode of Operation

  • Meetings will normally be held twice a year
  • PVRC reports to Academic Board
  • At least two of the external members from Category 4 must be present.
  • PVRC may delegate part or all of the initial investigation of a programme submitted for review to the associated EPA(s).
  • Academic Board may delegate to the internal members of PVRC the responsibility for the initial review of Annual Programme Review reports and for making recommendations on them to the Board.





Membership Category
Term of Office



Associate Academic Vice-President:
- Ms. Andrea HOPE



Internal Members

One Head of Department from each faculty nominated by the other Heads (total of three):
- Prof. WONG Kin-yuen (Arts)
- Prof. Ted CHEN (Commerce)
- Prof. Harold TRAVER (Social Sciences)




Internal Member

One nominee of Academic Board from among Departmental Representatives:
- Dr. Ricky SZETO




External Members

Four persons of high academic standing who are not full or part-time members of the University or currently serving in an advisory capacity for any part of the University, with at least one alternate member in each discipline:
Arts discipline:
- Prof. CHIU Yu Lok (OUHK)
- Prof. LEE Chin Chuan (CityU)



Commece discipline:
- Prof. LAU Chung-ming (CUHK)

- Prof. MA Yue (CityU)

Social Sciences discipline:
- Prof. Karen A. Joe LAIDLER (HKU)
- Dr Winton AU Wing Tung (CUHK)



External Programme Assessor (for programmes under review only)

For each programme under review, the External Programme Assessor (EPA)

As required


External Subject Expert (for programme validation only)

A senior academic of high standing in HK in the major discipline area

As required



Associate Registrar (Quality Assurance):
-Ms. Peggy CHU