Joint university brown bag workshop (co-organised with HKU, PolyU and CU / Center seminar

I6 Nov 2016

The Future of Work and the Future of the Built Environment: towards a synergetic approach 

Dr Edmundo Werna, Senior Construction Specialist and Head of Unit for Forestry, Agriculture, Construction & Tourism, Sectoral Policies Department, International Labour Office, Switzerland

Room 707, library complex, HK Shue Yan University, 16:00-16:20

11 Oct 2016

VR Experience in Real Estate Speakers: Room3 representatives

Jun 29, 2016

Topic: Real Estate Market Transparency in the Asia-Pacific Real Estate Market

Speaker: Prof. Graeme Newell, University of Western Sydney

Jun 23, 2016

Topic: Eminent Domain in American History and Current Practice

Speaker: Prof. Wendell Pritchett, Presidential Professor of Law and Education, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Jun 20, 2016

Topic: Ronald Coase and His Elders at London School of Economics

Speaker: Dr. Ning Wang, The Ronald Coase Institute

Jun 15, 2016

Topic: Governance on flood risk management and climate change adaptations: the cases of Chinese coastal megacities

Speaker: Dr. Faith Chan, University of Nottingham, UK and Ningbo campuses

Mar 24, 2016

Topic: Lowering Institutional Costs by Relationship Management: A Study of the Critical Success Factors in PPP Projects

Speakers: Dr. Jacky Chung, Assistant Professor, Department of Building, National University of Singapore

February 25, 2016

Topic: Transaction Costs (TCs) Challenges in Delivering Green Building Projects: a case of Hong Kong

Speaker: Dr. Queena Qian, Assistant Professor, OTB Research for the Built Environment, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

4 February 2016

Topic: Comparing Estimators

Speaker: Dr. Paul Anglin, Associate Professor, College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph, Canada.

21 December 2015

Topic: The Other Side of Value: The Quality Premium in Real Estate Returns

Speaker: Professor Chinmoy Ghosh, Professor and Head of Department of Finance, University of Connecticut

27 October  2015

Topic: Unconventional Monetary Policy and U.S. Housing Markets Dynamics

Speaker: Professor J. Sa-Aadu, University of Iowa