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Shue Yan University Prospectus 2018-19

       Throughout 2016/17 year the University celebrated its 45th anniversary with a series of
activities. On 2nd June 2017 the Hon. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, G.B.M., G.B.S., J.P., Chief
Secretary for Administration officiated at our 45th Anniversary Reception and Opening
Ceremony of the Research Complex. Mr. Cheung on behalf of the University also presented a
Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Henry H. L. HU, in recognition of his contribution to Shue
Yan and education. The Research Complex comprises a High Block (RHB) of 14 storeys and
a Low Block (RLB) of 6 storeys, both built over a podium of 5 storeys. It provides an additional
35,300 square meters of space for students and staff, including teaching and learning
facilities, staff office of the Faculty of Commerce, research centres and laboratories, student
hostels and amenities facilities etc.

       The University obtained accreditation from HKCAAVQ in September 2017 and approval
from the Chief Executive in Council on 7 November 2017 to award degrees for the Master of
Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy programmes in 6 disciplines including English, Chinese,
History, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. These programmes were launched in
September 2018.

       In August 2018, the University was approved by the HKCAAVQ for the Programme Area
Accreditation (PAA) status at QF level 6 in the area of Counselling and Psychology with a
validity period of five year from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2023. The achievement of
PAA status at QF level 6 was an important milestone to the University as it means that
HKCAAVQ deems that SYU has appropriate institutional arrangements and procedures in
place to successfully deliver programmes at QF level 6. This enables the University to retain
its first mover status as the only institution under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance
(Cap. 320) to have achieved PAA status for programmes at this QF level.

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