QAC - Terms of Reference/Membership

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Academic Board on principles, policies and procedures relating to the quality assurance and enhancement of teaching, learning and assessment;
  2. To audit and evaluate the University's quality assurance procedures and assessment regulations and to develop strategies for improvement;
  3. To monitor quality assurance and enhancement mechanisms at Programme/Departmental level including the review and consideration of specific issues raised in the Annual Programme Review Reports at the request of the Academic Board;
  4. To keep under review the systems of examination and assessment including the External Examiner system. To approve the appointment of External Examiners and External Programme Assessors on behalf of the Academic Board and to monitor External Examiner Reports and Departmental responses to ensure that appropriate actions are taken and to inform policy development. To make an annual report to the Academic Board on the operation of the external advisory system;
  5. To approve course changes and the introduction of new elective courses on behalf of the Academic Board;
  6. To consider preliminary submissions to HKCAAVQ/PVRC and final submissions to PVRC for Programme Validation and/or Review and proposals for changes to programmes from the quality assurance perspective on behalf of the Academic Board and to make recommendations for improvement;
  7. To monitor all guidance and requirements issued by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and the Education Bureau (EDB), particularly in relation to Periodic Review, Programme Validation/Revalidation and academic standards at HKQF levels 5, 6 and 7 and initiate and coordinate action as appropriate;
  8. To monitor and report to the Academic Board on a range of relevant risk and performance indicators, such as:
    • Statistical data on programme performance
    • Student feedback and survey results
    • Annual reports on appeals against assessment results.

Meetings of the QAC

  1. The QAC will meet 4 times a year. Meetings will be scheduled to provide input to regular Academic Board meetings. The Committee will also interact electronically as is necessary for its business to be effectively progressed.
  2. Limited life Working Groups will take forward as required the detailed examination of, or consultation on strategic issues under its mandate.
  3. The Chairs of other Academic Board Committees shall receive papers for the Committee upon request and can attend any of the meetings.

Membership (As from September 2017)

  Membership Category Description
1. Chair Associate Academic Vice-President (Teaching and Learning Development):
- Dr. Amy CHAN
2. Member (Deputy Chair) Associate Academic Vice-President:
- Ms. Andrea HOPE
3. Members Director of Graduate School:
- Prof. Kin Yuen WONG
Three Heads of Department not concurrently serving on PVRC appointed by the Academic VP:
- Dr. Margaret WONG (SW)
- Dr. Claire WILSON (L&B)
Dr. WONG Kwan Leung (CHI)

Three academic staff below the level of Head of Department with particular interest/responsibility for academic quality assurance at Departmental level nominated by their Department and appointed by the Academic VP:
- Prof. CHEUNG Siu Keung (SOC)
- Dr. Rita LI (E&F)

- Dr. Kaman LEE (J&C)


Three academic staff below the level of Head of Department appointed by the Academic Vice-President:
- Dr. Josephine YAM (ENG)
Dr. Mark NG (BA)
- Dr. Jasmine CHIO (C&P)

7.   One student representative elected by the entire student body:
8.   Up to two additional members may be co-opted on a project basis by the Chair.
9. Secretary Administrative Assistant:
- Ms. Zita FUNG

The Chair may invite individuals to attend specific meetings or specific agenda items.