Administrative Units 

The university's administrative units provide the leadership, support, resources and services to carry out the strategic mission of the University. These units are essential to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the university, support student success, and enhance and expand the university's reach.

The University is currently operating five administrative units: Registry, University Admissions Office, Office of Student Affairs, Facilities Management Office and Computing Service Centre


The Registry at the University plays a key role in providing administrative support to students and academic departments on academic matters. Major duties of the Registry include student admissions and enrolment, class and course arrangement, student assessment and examination, maintenance of student profiles and records, and providing administrative support to departments and university committees.

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University Admissions Office

The Admissions Office at the University is a subsidiary unit under the Registry. It is responsible for recruiting new students to undergraduate programmes as well as promoting programmes and the University. The Office provides a wide range of services including assessment and administration of admission applications, student admissions and enrolments, programme promotion and publicity, and conducting admission talks and seminars, and organizing events such as school visits, education exhibitions and Information Day.  

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Office of Student Affairs Office

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) aims to provide an open, encouraging, with a supportive learning environment, in order to initiate students a healthy, well-balanced life. OSA provides a variety of services to students so that they can fully develop their potential, enjoy their campus life and complete their 4-year tertiary study successfully. OSA services include organizing various events, including Orientation Days, Graduation Ceremony, Athletic Meets, University Festival, Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony and exchange tours; processing student financial applications on government assistance schemes and student activity sponsorships; providing counselling and career services to students in need. It also plays an important role as an effective communication channel among the University, students and the alumni.

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Facilities Management Office

The Facilities Management Office provides its full support to the University to build a better campus environment to be in line with the strategic development as a globally reputable institution for excellence in teaching and learning. The Office maintains effective and efficient logistics operation and constantly improve campus facilities and amenities for the enrichment of campus life for students and staff, and to provide opportunities for collaboration with and the offer of services to the wider community.

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Computing Services Centre

Computing Services Centre at the University is responsible for providing computing facilities and technical support to both staff and students. In addition, the Centre is committed to integrating up-to-date computing technology and IT infrastructure in all aspects of the University development, from daily classroom practices, teaching and learning applications, research advancement, to the management and administration of the University.  

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