General Education at SYU

The objective of the GE Programme is to provide students with opportunities to develop and apply relevant skills, knowledge, and social responsibilities regardless of their majors or career plans. Upon completion of the GE Programme, students should be able to:


  • apply the understanding of Chinese culture transformation and its relevance to the various aspects of modern life;
  • develop skills that facilitate critical thinking, self-expression and communication with others with different cultural backgrounds and/or beliefs;
  • identify the connection between intellectual pursuits and their personal, social, and global responsibilities;
  • demonstrate broad-based knowledge and transferable core skills that are essential for both personal and professional development.

GE Requirements

From the academic year 2017/18 onwards, students admitted into Year 1 shall complete a total of 12 credits of General Education courses consisting of 3 credits in each of the four main areas (Area A, B, C and D) as shown below in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Students should fulfill the requirement in the first three years of study.