Faculty of Arts 

The Faculty of Arts at Hong Kong Shue Yan University has four departments offering a total of five undergraduate programmes and six MPhil and Doctor of Philosophy programmes. The Faculty also has a language center to provide support for all students to learn languages, and the Contemporary China Research Center is committed to developing academic research across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Particularly, the Department of Journalism and Communication is equipped with the state-of-the-art media production facilities including the Jockey Club Multimedia Production Centre that further strengthen its teaching and learning. Graduates of the Faculty of Arts have cultural conservancy and keen insight, and are mostly engaged in career areas in education, art, creativity and culture.

The Faculty will follow the University’s academic development direction of Digital Humanities, using digital technology to inherit culture, preserve history, appreciate art and promote the development of a new era of society.

Please browse the departments below: Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department English Language and Literature, Department of History, and Department of Journalism and Communication

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature was founded when Shue Yan College was first established. For four decades, it has shared the University’s mission to promote traditional Chinese culture and moral values. To offer students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, the department has secured overseas exchange programmes with 45 institutions in 19 regions around the world. Regular activities and events such as seminars and gatherings are often organized to foster closer ties amongst students.

Department website: https://chinese.hksyu.edu/ 

Department of English Language and Literature

Among Hong Kong university programmes offering full-time Bachelor of Arts(Hons) degrees in English, the Department of Language and Literature at Shue Yan is singular in its interdisciplinary approach to the study of language, literature, culture and translation. This creative crossing of boundaries also informs our Mphil and PhD programmes in English, enhancing the learning experience and allowing students to acquire transferable skills required by contemporary society.

Department website: https://english.hksyu.edu/ 

Department of History

The Department of History successfully passed the review exercise of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in 2005 to launch its four-year full-time undergraduate programme. The History Programme includes three domains: Chinese history, world history and urban history, adopts historical and interdisciplinary approaches to analyse history, and provides systematic and interconnected knowledge of the historical evolvement of China, the World and cities with a focus on the socio-cultural aspects.

Department website: https://history.hksyu.edu/ 

Department of Journalism and Communication

The Department of Journalism and Communication was founded in 1971 and has become one of the major educational institutions of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising (PRA) in Hong Kong. Students receive intensive training to achieve language proficiency, technological competency, as well as a thorough understanding of communication processes. To prepare students for their careers in the digital age, the department also provides training on news reporting and writing, news translation, audio-visual production, audio-visual news and information production, new media platforms, editorial and commentary writing and script writing and/or marketing, public relations and advertising. Our graduates are critical, independent and analytical thinkers who possess comprehensive knowledge of society, culture and economic influence on mass communication.

The department operates platforms such as SY Media Lab (新傳網) and Our Voice (仁聞報) for students to practice what they have acquired in lessons. Students also have the opportunity to participate in internship programmes to gain work experience in the field of journalism and communication.

The Department is currently offering two undergraduate programmes: the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism and Communication and the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Design and Immersive Technology. 

Department website: https://jc.hksyu.edu/