Scholarships and Awards

HKSYU has always pursued education that promotes benevolence and cultivates youngsters in persons of honour. With the generous donations by SYU alumni, the government and private organizations, various scholarships and awards are set up to recognize our students’ outstanding academic performance, diligence as well as excellent conduct. The University will strive for more resources and support in the coming future to gain more scholarships and opportunities for students.

Entrance scholarships for undergraduate new admittees

For Year-One Entry

For Year-Two and Year-Three Direct Entry

Other scholarship and award schemes

The University and a number of external organizations recognize the outstanding academic and/or non-academic achievements of our students through various types of scholarships and/or awards.

The University Scholarships include:

  1. Undergraduate Scholarships: To encourage hard-working students to strive for their best and keep making improvements in their academic performances.
  2. Outstanding Academic Improvement Awards: To encourage and recognize students with significant improvement in their academic performance.
  3. Service Scholarships: To compliment students on their enthusiasm in serving the University and the community.
  4. Fellowships: To encourage the final-year students to continue staying in Hong Kong or to go overseas for completing postgraduate programmes.

To know more about and to apply for the University and the externally funded student scholarships schemes for the undergraduate and postgraduate students, please contact the Office of Student Affairs and Graduate School.