HKSYU Infoday 2020

"HKSYU Information Day 2020" was successfully concluded on November 14, last Saturday. The theme of this year Info-day is ‘Virtual X On Campus’, which means that the public can participate in our activities either online or in person. During the Info-day, more than 20 activities were held, including admissions talks, campus tours, booth presentation, and a photo exhibition. 


Picture 1: Parents and Students visited SYU and learnt about programme information. 

For visitors of the virtual campus tour, they are able to look around our campus as the on-site visitors did. By means of the VR technologies ‘360 panoramic images’ and ‘3D Matterport’, the public can visit our teaching and hostel facilities at anywhere and anytime via our V-Tour website:

Apart from the programme admission talks, the public also chatted with our professors and alumni through the live chat room. All programme admission talks and ‘Q&A” sessions are now available on the SYU Admissions Office YouTube channel,  please clickhere to watch the videos. 


Picture 2: Thematic Sharing Session ‘My Life Story Start From SYU’. 

From left to right: Host: Ms. Leung Siu Ki, Director of University Admissions Office; Alumni: Ms HO, Kaye [Graduate of Sociology Department in 2016] (Curator and designer of folk fashion & accessories online shop “HakCek Folk Village”), Ms NG, Jay [Graduate of History Department in 2016] (Curator and pastry chef of dessert shop “BYJ.HK”), Mr LEUNG, Gary [Graduate of Economics & Finance Department in 2012] (Curator of exhibition venue rental service “Popup Shogun”)   

Ms. Leung Siu Ki, the Director of HKSYU Admissions Office said that the event was a grand success. Though implementing the Info-Day both online and onsite was rather complicated, visitors were actively participated and the response from the public was positive. It is indeed very encouraging and reflects that SYU maintains to be an attractive and quality private university in Hong Kong. 

The Info-day website includes not only the details of SYU academic departments and programmes, but also other interesting pages such as the ‘ACT’ page which introduces the student sports teams, the ‘PLAY’ page which is a photo album of various student activities, and the ‘STAY’ page which presents the hostel life of our students.