Dr. Henry HU Explains the Meanings of “Braemar Hill spirit” In the 50th Anniversary Ceremony

Dr. Henry HU Hung-lick, President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU), said in the University’s 50th anniversary ceremony that Shue Yan, after overcome 50 years of challenges, have produced the “Braemar Hill spirit,” which is a combination of perseverance with a constant quest for self-improvement, the active building of goodwill with a disposition to serve others, and principled determination with an ability to move with the times. He also sincerely thanks everyone who has walked this journey with Shue Yan.

The ceremony was held at the Jockey Club Multi-media Centre of the Research Complex. In order to host a safe and COVID-19 secure event, only the senior management and some staff, students, and alumni of the university were invited to the ceremony.

Senior members of the top management who attended the ceremony included: Dr. Henry HU Hung-lick, President, Mr. Kenneth TING Woo-shou, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr. Francis CHEUNG, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors, Members of the Board of Governors: Mr. WOO Kwok-hing, Mr. George LUNG Chee-ming, Mr. Samuel TSANG Chin-cheung, Mr. Steven LOKE Kok-kuen, Ms. Nancy WOO Mei-hou, and Dr. HU Fai-chung, Deputy President, Professor Catherine SUN Tien-lun, Academic Vice President.


President HU was welcomed by participants.


In his welcoming speech, Mr. Kenneth TING Woo-shou said: “The theme of the 50th anniversary is ‘reconfirming our commitment to the cultivation of benevolence and the advancement of knowledge.’ For the past 50 years, Shue Yan has pursued education that promotes benevolence.”

Mr. TING said the university has developed a strategic plan recently resolving to use information technology and digital technology to redefine its liberal arts education, to strengthen its digital humanities teaching and research, and to further spread the culture and spirit of benevolence. “I am very confident that with the endeavor of all staff and students, we will bring vibrancy to the university. And I believe in the next 50 years, Shue Yan will continue to nurture the pillars of Hong Kong and the country, and to make contributions to the community.”

Welcoming speech by Mr. Kenneth TING Woo-shou.

SYU senior management attended the 50th anniversary ceremony.

Mr. CHAN Siu-wa Jeffrey, President of the Hong Kong Shue Yan University Alumni Association (HKSYUAA) then gave a speech on the achievements made by his alma mater, and the relationship between the alumni association and alumni.

He said that since its establishment, Shue Yan has groomed more than 30,000 graduates. President HU and Principal CHUNG spent all their energy and possessions to establish and develop Shue Yan, chose “cultivating virtues of benevolence; broadening horizon and knowledge” as the motto, and were committed to cultivating the young into men of honour and willing to make contributions to the community and the country. “This noble spirit is extremely rare.” In the past 50 years, Shue Yan has stood the test of time and challenges of education policies. With the support of President HU, Principal CHUNG, university staff, and students, “we never bow down or fall down, on the contrary, we thrive in this place.”

Mr. CHAN pointed out that “serving alumni and connecting to alma mater” is HKSYUAA’s forever goal. He stressed that the alumni association will serve alumni according to the principles of “acquaintance and communication” and “growth and development” and will strengthen the connection of graduates of different periods, and encourage young graduates to join and support the alumni association.

Mr. CHAN Siu-wa Jeffrey, President of the university alumni association.

Mr. CHAN Siu-wa Jeffrey (left), President of the alumni association, presented a souvenir to the university.

Before the cake cutting ceremony, President HU’s speech – “Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding” – was read out by Wong Kai-to, a second year student of the Department of Social Work. It was penned by Dr. HU Fai-chung drawing from conversations between President HU and him.


Student Wong Kai-to read out President HU’s “Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding”.

President HU said: “When Shue Yan College was founded in 1971, I was already half a century old and had come to learn the workings of life. I understood that it is in the hands of man to make something happen and that also requires the right timing and a measure of fortune. We should strive for what ought to be done and never give up lightly. If you run into difficulties and realise you have to change direction after careful thought, you should do so boldly and decisively.”

He said from Sing Woo Road to Monmouth Path and Braemar Hill, Shue Yan has met and overcome many challenges. Over the years, it has held steadfast to a four-year college system, whole person education, and cultivating the virtues of benevolence. Every single brick and tile and each of the 176 piles at the university campus today are the precious result of years of commitment, hard work and love. “In Hong Kong, the ‘Lion Rock spirit’ is revered. In one corner of Hong Kong Island, Shue Yan has produced the ‘Braemar Hill spirit’ – a singular blend of qualities that combines perseverance with a constant quest for self-improvement, the active building of goodwill with a disposition to serve others, and principled determination with an ability to move with the times.”

“We must stay true to our ideals if we are to be successful. The story of Shue Yan is a story of faith: we see hope because we believe; we touch hearts because of our devotion and action; our efforts bear fruit because we persist. The young should be bold and ambitious. A piece of jade is nothing without cutting and polishing and the young should make the most of their youth. The students and teachers of Shue Yan should always remember the spirit of self-sacrifice and place the community before the self. ” President HU said.

At the end of the reflection, President HU said: “On the university’s 50th anniversary, I sincerely thank everyone who has walked this journey with HKSYU, giving us your love, care and support every step of the way. With your generous love, we have overcome many challenges and created thousands of miracles together.”


Front row from left to right: Professor Danny WONG Shek-nam, Dr. HU Fai-chung, Dr. Henry HU Hung-lick.

The event ended with a cake cutting ceremony, followed by a group photo of all attendees.

Source: Nov and Dec 2021 Combined Issue