HKSYU Library Newly Set Up a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Corner

The newly set up Special Educational Needs (SEN) Corner at HKSYU Library is being operationalized to provide students with special learning needs the opportunity to experience the pleasure of reading books and studying texts. The SEN Corner was set up with the donation of Professor CHEUNG, Siu-keung, Vice President (University Administration) of HKSYU. He expressed that the university’s education is founded on Confucian values, and he also agrees with the idea of “great harmony and fairly well-off” that all sectors of society should pursue the ideal state of mutual care and assistance, and be willing to contribute to society mentioned in the Book of Rites, one of the Confucian classics.

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無障礙學習區(SEN Corner)由仁大行政副校長張少強教授捐助設立,他表示仁大以儒家價值觀作為教育基礎, 自己亦贊同儒家經典之一《禮記》提及的「大同與小康」,社會各界應該追求互助互愛、樂於為社會出力的理想狀態。



他又回憶小學時代,朋輩間亦有人有特殊學習需要。他有感學生理應擁有平等學習機會,大學教育亦一樣需要平等, 即使面對不同困難, 亦要有「螞蟻搬家」的精神,逐少改進相關設施,而設立無障礙網站將會是未來其中一個重要目標。


無障礙學習區(S E N C o r n e r)位於仁大圖書館三樓,同學如有需要使用可向服務櫃檯查詢。

無障礙學習區(S E N C o r n e r)設有已連接點字顯示器的電腦,並有文字閱讀及掃瞄器。