A Brief History of HKSYU

In 1971, Dr. Henry H.L. Hu and Dr. Chung Chi Yung founded Shue Yan on Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, in response to the acute shortage of tertiary places for local secondary school leavers aspiring for a university education. In 1976, Shue Yan College was registered under the Post-secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap. 320). On 19 December 2006, Shue Yan College became the first private university in Hong Kong after it was renamed Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) by order of the Chief Executive in Council.

As enshrined in its motto, “Cultivating virtues of benevolence; broadening horizon and knowledge” (敦仁博物), HKSYU pursues education that promotes benevolence. In seeking to nurture learned and capable students, it is equally committed to cultivating the young into men of honour.

Dr. Chung’s Educational Spirit


  • To meet the actual needs of Hong Kong society by training efficient and well-balanced young people for various services in the community;
  • To promote the spirit of humanity and the freedom of learning with a scientific approach and also to contribute to the development of higher education in Hong Kong; and
  • To demonstrate by consistent behavior the virtues of humanity and the objective attitude of men of culture.


  • Preserve and disseminate traditional Chinese culture;
  • Enable students to cultivate a whole, balanced personality including moral character and to realize their full potential as individuals, as scholars and as good citizens;
  • Provide rigorous intellectual training to enable students to become independent critical thinkers; and
  • Deliver programmes that combine academic theory with the acquisition of professional and practical skills to produce graduates who can immediately be of service to meet the needs of the community; and
  • Conduct research in the Humanities and Social Sciences for the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society.


  • 「敦仁博物」: Cultivating virtues of benevolence; broadening horizon and knowledge.
  • In Confucian Teaching, the University Motto refers to the important qualities of Confucius “ideal person”, “Junzi” (君子) :
    – Treat others with respect, always be considerate, kind and benevolent;
    – Study/learn with passion and dedication, and continually acquiring new knowledge

University Anthem

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Governance Structure


Board of Governors

The HKSYU Board of Governors consists of a wide range of distinguished individuals who are committed to both tertiary education in Hong Kong and to the ethos of the University. They make invaluable contributions to HKSYU with their professional expertise, vast experience and extensive networks.

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Braemar Hill Campus

Address: 10 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill, North Point
Tel: +852 25707110

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